Pigment Removal is perfect for the following:
  • Removing / Lightening / Lifting previous PMU procedures (brows, lips etc)
  • Fading unwanted pigment
  • Brow Shape alteration
  • Removing / Lifting unwanted strokes (Microblading or machine hairstrokes)
  • Suitable for: Brows, Lips, Camouflage & Areola, etc.
It may take 1-3 sessions spaced a month apart. 

Using a natural Druid acid tga approved product to gently remove old SPMU inks. 



Currently, removal is reserved for existing or future clients who are looking to lighten or completely remove work that was done in the past to get something new.

Lightening and/or removal can be a normal part of the long term commitment to Semi permanent makeup since trends can change as does our skin and face shape as we age. Cosmetic fillers and botox can alter aspects of our appearance leaving semi permanent makeup in unwanted places;

Existing permanent makeup can shift in colour and a lightening session or two may be the best route vs a colour correcting session; Too many layers of permanent makeup can also blur and muddy details. These are all potential reasons why someone may choose to remove or lighten their tattoo.
I will often recommend lightening sessions when a client is interested in booking but has existing work done elsewhere. Removal opens doors to giving the client what they truly want instead of just something “better” than what they have currently. While this can be a commitment, I find this is the best option that will give clients the most desirable outcome and end result while also maintaining the integrity of my work.
There are two main types of removal/lightening: Laser tattoo removal and Saline removal. Both are very effective, however I only offer Alpha Hydroxy removal.
The session itself is relatively short, approximately 30-45 minutes and involves tattooing a Alpha Hydroxy solution into the area you are interested in removing. Each session is booked 8 weeks apart. This allows the skin to fully heal before tattooing again. The lightening effect continues over the course of several weeks. The amount of sessions needed are on a case by case basis.
Removal sessions are booked via booking site.

Cost $200 per session