Lip blushing provides the client with an ultra natural and sheer wash of colour – a similar effect to lip tint. It is a great way to add definition, correct asymmetry, even out colour, and/or create fullness.
Lips are interesting in that they are already pigmented, often unevenly or with more than one shade. Colour choice is usually a collaboration between myself and the client.    Lips with scarring, sun damage, very cool colored (strong blue undertones) or that are multi-toned, etc… may need additional sessions in order to achieve the desired results.

Any client with a history of cold sores/fever blisters will need to take prescribed antiviral medication in the days leading up to and after their appointment. even if it was several years since any outbreak.

First session including colour touch up is $850

Lipliner and Lipblush tatoo

Lip Stain or Lip blushing also known as Lip Tattoo is a popular option for people who have lost color or definition in their lips due to aging, coldsore scarring or who have naturally pale or uneven lip color. The technique can also be used to correct asymmetry in the lips and lipliner, or to enhance the shape of the lips.

Naomi, our cosmetic tattooist and founder, is an experienced technician who aims for natural results every time using soft natural tones colour blended to match your favourite lip colour.



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