The essentials in lash extensions and semi-permanent makeup for your eyebrows, eyes and lips. Look naturally beautiful 24/7!


Eyebrow Nano Feathering

Regardless of the natural growth of your brow hair, or your current brow shape, brow tattoo, permanent cosmetics tattoo can provide you with the perfect brows you have always wanted.

With the feather touch brows/feather stroke technique you can add fabulous shape and lift to your brows – without the need for the surgeon's scalpel. Correct sparse or over-plucked brows – say goodbye to your brow pencil.

Add stunning shape and extra definition for a more youthful look. Restore the appearance of realistic looking brows with realistic hair stroke brow treatments.

Why do we prefer this method?

The digital machine works well on most skin types and results last longer. The brow design of this method means more realistic results can be achieved. The Digital Machine can benefit anyone who is experiencing hair loss or a lack of hair growth in the brows due to alopecia or cancer.

We customise a style of eyebrow tattoo to your personal preference. We can create natural Nano brows or bold ombré brows, we create brows that fit your unique features and personality.

Service By Senior Artist Naomi Hollings with 11 years of experience and completed over 6,000 procedures.


The Eyeliner tattoo gives off the illusion of the eyes being more awake. This is also great solution for those who enjoy lash extensions but can't apply liner and great for people with poor make up skills or simply bad eyesight. You can choose from a Natural Lash Enhancement Tattoo to a Classic eyeliner to designer liner. Eyeliner


Lipliner is a great thing to have done especially if your lips are distorted natural or from lip fillers, we can re define your biplane to tie in naturally with your own natural lip colour.

With Lip blush we tattoo the entire lip area with colours that are natural flesh like lip colours in pinks, peaches and blush colours. The effect mimics the look of lip tint which looks natural and transparent in colour. No harsh outlines. Great for scarring or cold sore sufferers.


it's not just cindy crawford and Marilyn Monroe that
embraced their glamorous moles – these celebrities remind us
why they're called beauty spots and should be celebrated!

Beauty spots are one of the most desirable facial traits,
and they could be yours with cosmetic tattooing.

Touchups are recommended yearly.


Our expertly trained Lash Technicians apply lightweight lash extensions sourced from the best lash producers and applied individually to your own natural lash with low irritant medical grade adhesive.

Nap. Meditate. Chill Maximise your 'me time' during your service. Select your signature lash style and size from the Make Up Ink Lash Menu and we'll handle the rest.

Your in good hands. Our world class lash technicians are lash obsessed..and want you leaving our salon sexy and confident.


Now that you're' in love' with you're lashes, be sure to give them some TLC and also ensure you book you're lash infills every 2-3 weeks to maintain classy sexy lashes.


We offer the best natural alternative for giving the brow some color boost with Brow Henna. Brow Henna is a great if you are still unsure about Cosmetic Nano Tattoo. Brow Henna enhances and creates definition, shape, fullness and density throughout the brows.

The Henna ingredients help nourish and thicken the existing brow hairs as well as strengthening and protecting the hair. Henna dye formula is natural and doesn't require a developer. It processes with the proteins in your hair and can last up 8 days.

Brow waxing or tweezing is simply the removal of brow hair while creating or maintaining your desired eyebrow shape. Brow waxing or tweezing is a great way to quickly care and treat your unruly brows. We use soft, hypoallergenic wax alongside a pre & post wax essential oil blend for optimal comfort and relief.


The gift that keeps giving!

What's inside;

Lash cash Loyalty card with Free HD Brows
and $25 OFF Lash infills
$50 OFF Tattoo Brow Touch-up
Lash infills & HD Brow Promotion

Beautifully gift boxed with optional postage.